Change nogroup to nobody

Arch doesn't have nogroup by default.
Applied DPMS patch

This patch interacts with the Display Power Management Signaling and
automatically turns off the monitor after a configurable time. The
monitor is reactivated by a keystroke or moving the mouse.
Add personal configuration and gitignore
4f045545 — Hiltjo Posthuma 7 months ago
bump version to 1.5
265704d7 — Hiltjo Posthuma 7 months ago
Makefile: explicit_bzero.c was copied twice (GNU make gives a warning)
35633d45 — Tobias Stoeckmann 6 years ago
Properly clear the last entered character

When enter is pressed, passwd[len] will be set to '\0'. Pressing
backspace is supposed to remove the last entered character.

But currently, the clearing has an off-by-one, as in setting
passwd[len] to '\0' just like enter would do.

You can also verify it by imagining len=1 and that it's impossible to
clear passwd[0] by pressing backspace with the current code.

Signed-off-by: Tobias Stoeckmann <tobias@stoeckmann.org>
2d2a21a9 — Markus Teich 6 years ago
rm trailing whitespace in README
325581b9 — Markus Teich 6 years ago
syntax fix
0ff0d9f7 — Markus Teich 6 years ago
there can only be one window in the event
7a604ec1 — Bob Uhl 6 years ago
Fix resize with multiple monitors and portrait mode

When connecting/disconnecting a portrait monitor, the
XRRScreenChangeNotifyEvent height & width are reversed due to the XRandR
rotation; detect this and DTRT.
fa115895 — Markus Teich 6 years ago 1.4
bump version
d5da84cf — Markus Teich 6 years ago
add arg.h and util.h to Makefile
ae96836f — Markus Teich 6 years ago
clarify colors in config.def.h
7d31ff65 — Markus Teich 6 years ago
move config.h inclusion after type declarations
59746954 — Laslo Hunhold 6 years ago
Unboolify slock.c
c96e725d — FRIGN 6 years ago
Use explicit strcmp() instead of inlining it

Makes it a tad more readable; the previous "optimization" will be done
by the compiler anyway.
6a1bd896 — FRIGN 6 years ago
No need for oldc to be static
b099d2fd — FRIGN 6 years ago
Use NUL character constant explicitly
0a43b78d — FRIGN 6 years ago
Keep the line-lengths at bay

This makes the code more readable and prevents wraparounds in the
bd069b08 — FRIGN 6 years ago
Add a section on security considerations

The section on security considerations sheds some light on the problems that we
can't solve within slock but which the user has to solve in his X configuration.