2d85c5baed4c4b4ecc19f7934fac1fc6a5b5c410 — Markus Teich 6 years ago a98fba8
remove confusing DPMS comment

FRIGN on hackers@suckless.org:
What has been bugging me for quite a while is this DPMS comment that was added
there for no reason. Every sane mind would agree that fiddling with DPMS makes
no sense whatsoever. When I slock, my screen turns off after 10 minutes. So, if
I don't like that, I disable DPMS. If I do, I just fiddle around with my mouse a
bit and get the slock promt.
1 files changed, 0 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

M slock.c
M slock.c => slock.c +0 -4
@@ 137,10 137,6 @@ readpw(Display *dpy, struct xrandr *rr, struct lock **locks, int nscreens,
	running = 1;
	failure = 0;

	/* As "slock" stands for "Simple X display locker", the DPMS settings
	 * had been removed and you can set it with "xset" or some other
	 * utility. This way the user can easily set a customized DPMS
	 * timeout. */
	while (running && !XNextEvent(dpy, &ev)) {
		if (ev.type == KeyPress) {
			explicit_bzero(&buf, sizeof(buf));