Update license text and add link to repo
Fix neovim bootstrapping
Update paq with bug fix
Edit and add aliases
Update paq and fix bug
Fix vim config errors introduced by <cmd> maps
Change checkboxes for VimWiki HTML pages
Move vimwiki shortcuts and autocmds to ftplugin
Vim maps use <Cmd> instead of colon
Updates to vimwiki config and HTML generation
Add vim shortcut for bash shebang
Add bootstrap script
Move dotfiles repo location
Generalize git config for other computers

- Change default branch back to master
- Move GPG to different config file
- README: on server installations, delete GPG Git config file
- README: on server installations, don't assume $HOME or $XDG_DATA_HOME
Generalize .zshrc for other computers

- Prompt show $ or # depending on priviledges
- Imports now support other distros
- Allow host-specific configuration
- Moved some aliases to gray host specific file
- Move git-head-abbrev to zshrc
Move .zsh{env,rc} to zsh{env,rc}
Generalize tmux config for other computers

- Add user and host to tmux bar
- Modify README to keep tmux config on servers
Add support for TODOs on vimwiki