v2.5.0 1 year, 11 months ago

TLSAda Version 2.5.0

- alire.toml: specify TLSADA_ prefixed external variables
- TLS.Contexts.Read: Fix length calculation for unusual array bounds.
- TLS.Contexts.Read: Make compliant with Ada.Streams specification
- TLS.Contexts.Write: Document better and clean up
- TLS.Get_Delim: Fix Encountered_Delim being set erroneously
- TLS.Contexts.Read: Substantially simplify return value handling
- TLS.Contexts: Move connected & configured flags to wrapper
- *: Automatically initialize Contexts to obviate an explicit Create call.
- Server_Example: Fix erroneous closing of connection
- TLS.Get_Delim: Fix bug where End_Error would be raised instead of setting
  Encountered_Delim to False