a lightweight gruvbox-themed startpage designed for qutebrowser
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

#a lightweight gruvbox-themed startpage

It works on all browsers, but designed specifically for qutebrowser.

A single-file start page that requires no external resources and is under 1kib when minified and 1500 bytes unminified. Features a notes area that is saved in your browser's local storage and quick-access links.

Javascript is used for saving to local storage and overriding <Tab> behavior, but is not required. Since it's local to your machine and you (hopefully) looked at the source before using it, it's safe to use tSu to enable it just for the startpage.


The theme

Video of it in action

Live demo


  1. git clone https://git.sr.ht/~nytpu/startpage
  2. cd startpage
  3. edit startpage.html or startpage.min.html to change the links in the table to what you want. you can also add more <th> elements to add more links. replace startpage.html with startpage.min.html when necessary in the following steps.
  4. copy startpage.html/startpage.min.html to a directory (I just use ~/.config/qutebrowser/)
  5. edit ~/.config/qutebrowser/config.py and add c.url.default_page = '[DIRECTORY]', where [DIRECTORY] is where you copied the html file to.
    • or :set url.default_page [DIRECTORY] if you use autoconfig.yml

If you are not using qutebrowser, you can replace step 5 with however you'd configure your homepage in your preferred browser.


Open a new tab or press <C-h> to go to your new home page (after reloading config.py).

i to start typing in the notes area (it is automatically selected on page load). <Tab> in the notes area will indent two spaces. Don't trust the notes area for super important stuff (or at least make a backup) because the local storage is sometimes erased if qutebrowser crashes.

f to start hinting. All hints (if there are <9 links) should be single characters for quick hinting.


send patches and reports to ~nytpu/public-inbox@lists.sr.ht