Export notebooks and annotations from Remarkable tablets (fork)
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FORKED FROM THE ORIGINAL AT https://github.com/jmptable/rm-dl-annotated

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Export annotated PDFs from ReMarkable tablets.

I read lots of papers on my RM tablet. It's super cool to be able to scribble notes and highlight them, but later I want to go back and review the notes and unfortunately the interface on the actual RM sucks for that. I made this simple utility so I could scroll through the PDFs on my laptop and see my highlights and notes at a glance during review.

It also works for notebooks.

Tested with reMarkable tablet software version


rm-dl-annotated.sh "/Super Cool Research Paper I Scribbled All Over"

Generates ./"Super Cool Research Paper (exported).pdf" with the scribbles on top of the original PDF.


All these things need to be on your path, and you need to have given rmapi access to your ReMarkable Cloud account:

  • python
  • ImageMagick (convert)
  • pdfinfo (from poppler-utils)
  • pdfunite (from poppler-utils)
  • qpdf
  • rmapi
  • svgexport
  • rM2svg

If any of your PDFs have been cropped on your ReMarkable then you will also need:

  • pdftoppm (from poppler-utils)

And the following Python libraries:

As of this writing the reHackable rM2svg hasn't been updated to support new versions of the .lines file format for new version of the ReMarkable tablet OS, so I suggest using the fork by delaere.


On Ubuntu:

sudo apt install imagemagick poppler-utils qpdf
pip install opencv-python numpy

Follow the installation instructions on the project pages for rmapi, rM2svg (download the script and put it in a directory on your PATH like /usr/bin), and svgexport.