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README(7)	       Miscellaneous Information Manual		     README(7)

     ptim – Pebble Tutorial IMproved watchface

     See a screenshot!: screenshot.png

     ptim is basically the watchface created in the pebble watchface tutorial:
     tutorial-screenshot.png, but with some improvements.

     The list of changes consists of:

     1.	  The date is included in the top section

     2.	  The weather display is changed to give high and low temperatures
	  rather than current conditions.

     3.	  There is a configuration screen to allow the enabling and disabling
	  of weather, adding an API key, change temperature units, etc.

     4.	  Battery bar and positioning of all elements is fixed on non-classic-
	  sized displays; i.e. the watchface now works on the Pebble Time
	  Round and Pebble Time 2 watches.

     5.	  Bluetooth disconnected icon is resized and positioned differently,
	  in a less obtrusive spot.

     I wanted to learn how to write a Pebble watchface, so I followed the
     tutorial.	I noticed that there were several areas that could've been
     improved on and extended, and which probably would've actually made for
     good additions to the tutorial.  The additional modifications and changes
     may be incorporated into my own extension to the pebble tutorials.

     The latest ‘.pbw’ binary can be downloaded from
     ⟨https://nytpu.com/releases/ptim/⟩ without any compilation required.

     •	 The Pebble SDK 4.0:
	 Note that some special instructions have to be followed on Linux

     •	 One of the following Pebble watches:

	 •   Pebble “Aplite” (Pebble Classic & Pebble Steel)

	 •   Pebble “Basalt” (Pebble Time & Pebble Time Steel)

	 •   Pebble “Chalk” (Pebble Time Round)

	 •   Pebble “Diorite” (Pebble 2)

     First, to download dependencies and compile a ‘.pbw’:
	   pebble build

     The binary can then be found in build/ptim.pbw.  To install on an
	   pebble install --emulator [aplite, basalt, chalk, diorite]

     To install on an actual watch via the Developer Connection:
	   pebble install --phone <phone_ip>

     The upstream URL of this project is ⟨https://git.nytpu.com/ptim⟩.	Send
     suggestions, bugs, and other contributions to <alex@nytpu.com>.  For help
     sending a patch through email, see ⟨https://git-send-email.io⟩.

     ptim is Copyright (c) 2021 nytpu <alex@nytpu.com>.

     ptim is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.  For more
     information, see LICENSE or ⟨https://spdx.org/licenses/MIT.html⟩.

     ptim uses sample code snippets from Pebble's watchface tutorial:
     https://github.com/pebble-examples/watchface-tutorial, which is Copyright
     (c) 2014 Pebble Technology and is licensed under the terms of the MIT
     license.  For more information, see LICENSE or

nytpu.com			 June 16, 2021			     nytpu.com