POSIX getopt(3) for Ada
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#getopt-ada — POSIX getopt(3) for Ada

builds.sr.ht status license: MPL-2.0 Alire

A package to implement a POSIX-compliant getopt for Ada.

If you need substantially complex option parsing then it is recommended to instead use GNAT.Command_Line, however in general this package is preferred by the author as it is truly POSIX-compliant and is portable Ada 2012 rather than an implementation extension.

It should work on Windows and other non-POSIX systems (anything that implements Ada.Command_Line), although it will still use the non-standard "-" for options rather than the flag character usual for the system.


The specification is well-documented: getopts.ads

Also see the example program: src/example/example.adb


Use Alire: alr with getopt, then with "getopt.gpr"; in your GPRBuild file.

Add this repo as a subtree or submodule in your project and include with "path/to/getopt.gpr"; in your GPRbuild file.

Alternately you could install the library & specification in a system library directory and include it from there.



  • GPRbuild
  • An Ada 2012 compiler and standard library
  • POSIX-compatible make(1) (optional). Most makes (including GNU Make and BSD Make) support the POSIX standard.


git clone https://git.sr.ht/~nytpu/getopt-ada && cd getopt-ada
make example  # builds example program
sudo make install

You may also use plain gprbuild and gprinstall commands rather than the convenience makefile.


The upstream URL of this project is https://git.sr.ht/~nytpu/getopt-ada. Send suggestions, bugs, patches, and other contributions to ~nytpu/public-inbox@lists.sr.ht. For help sending a patch through email, see https://git-send-email.io. You can browse the list archives at https://lists.sr.ht/~nytpu/public-inbox.

If you have a very large set of changes, please use git request-pull rather than sending a large patchset.

Copyright (C) 2021–2022 nytpu <alex [at] nytpu.com>.

Licensed under the terms of the Mozilla Public License version 2.0. You can view a copy of the MPL in LICENSE or at https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/MPL/2.0/.