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@@ 6,7 6,7 @@ A library to add contracts to functions, enabling

## Documentation

- The [package documentation on Snow]()
- The [package documentation on Snow](http://snow-fort.org/s/nytpu.com/alex/nytpu/contracts/0.1.0/index.html)
- [contracts.scm](contracts.scm)

@@ 27,7 27,7 @@ The library can be installed directly from [Snow](http://snow-fort.org/):
    snow-chibi install nytpu.contracts

Alternately you can clone the repository, or
[download a tarball from Snow]()
[download a tarball from Snow](http://snow-fort.org/s/nytpu.com/alex/nytpu/contracts/0.1.0/nytpu-contracts-0.1.0.tgz)
and directly include the library in your project.

Once the library is available, you can then use the library via