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pure sharp lr35902 (gbz80) assembly.

## gameplay

work in progress, check back soon.

### made using:

## assembling

Build requirements:

* Working RGBDS installation (`rgbasm`, `rgblink`, `rgbfix`, & `rgbgfx`)
* Python 3, for pb8/pb16 sprite and tile compression tools (see `tools/`)
* Aseprite, for converting .aseprite resources (`gfx/`) into .png for `rgbgfx`.


    git clone https://git.sr.ht/~nytpu/ankano
    cd ankano

Load `build/ankano.gb` onto flashcart or run in emulator.

## made using:

* [hardware.inc][] — lots of hardware definitions to make life easier
* [rgbds-structs][] — structs!

@@ 19,6 41,12 @@ work in progress, check back soon.

send patches and reports to [~nytpu/public-inbox@lists.sr.ht][list]

`master` is guaranteed to be assemblable and runnable, but may (greatly) lag
behind current development. `devel` is the branch where development work
is directly done or merged into, and must be thoroughly tested before going
into `master`. Feature branches should be merged into the most recent `devel`.
`master` must be able to be fast-forwarded when merging `devel`.

[hardware.inc]:    https://github.com/gbdev/hardware.inc
[rgbds-structs]:   https://github.com/ISSOtm/rgbds-structs