A collection of tools for working with CHIP, namely flashing it.
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fix fastboot commands to work with newer versions of fastboot
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Update chip-update-firmware.sh


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#nytpu's notes

  1. Install sunxi-tools, uboot-tools, and android-tools (for fastboot)
  2. FEL='sudo sunxi-fel' FASTBOOT='sudo fastboot' SNIB=false ./chip-update-firmware.sh -p to flash a PocketCHIP image.

A table of flags that can be provided:

== Help ==
  -s  --  Server             [Debian + Headless]
  -g  --  GUI                [Debian + XFCE]
  -p  --  PocketCHIP         [CHIP on the go!]
  -b  --  Buildroot          [Tiny, but powerful]
  -f  --  Force clean        [re-download if applicable]
  -n  --  No limit           [enable greater power draw]
  -r  --  Reset              [reset device after flash] 
  -B  --  Branch             [eg. -B testing]
  -N  --  Build#             [eg. -N 150]
  -F  --  Format             [eg. -F Toshiba_4G_MLC]
  -L  --  Local              [eg. -L ../img/buildroot/]

Note that when updating this script to work with new versions of fastboot, I removed the -i flag that specified a specific device to target. Shouldn't be an issue unless you have your Android phone in fastboot mode plugged in at the same time as your CHIP, but be warned I guess.


A collection of scripts for working with CHIP


  1. sunxi-tools from your package manager or from the Sunxi repository
  2. uboot-tools from your package manager
  3. mtd-utils-mlc from our repository (https://github.com/nextthingco/chip-mtd-utils) [for creating images]

#Included Tools


This tool is used to download and flash the latest firmware release for CHIP. The tool also now only supports fastboot flashing.


This tool is used to generate local firmware images for CHIP and CHIP Pro.