i do lots of weird projects, usually for old things. i also have a gemini site, check me out on gemini: gemini://nytpu.com/


a gemlog management utility


automatically posts cheetah pictures to reddit and mastodon


The Royal Game of Ur for the Game Boy Advance




various scripts and utilities for use with the aether peer-to-peer network


an arkanoid clone for the game boy dmg


Advent of Code 2020 solutions in C


a basic alu designed for the alchitry cu


a project generator for the alchitry cu dev board


a lightweight gruvbox-themed startpage designed for qutebrowser


a template gba homebrew program using tonclib


Converts 24 bit colors to 15 bit colors


A Tamagotchi clone written in c


Generates a template project for quick C development


solves the tower of hanoi graphically