Hi! I'm Alex (a.k.a. nytpu), and I do some programming and electronics projects. I love C, POSIX shell, and assembly (retro game consoles only); I dabble in Scheme, Ada, and whatever tickles my fancy at a given point in time.

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Miscellaneous standalone utilities for Common Lisp


DNS in a Weekend in Ada


Read-it-later service for Gemini


Convert vCards (VCFs) to the CSV format used by pilot-link


Line-based markup language taking inspiration from gemtext and roff




the cryptopals cryptography challenge, in Common Lisp


The Royal Game of Ur for the Game Boy Advance


An HTTP to Gemini proxy (fork)


Advent of Code in Common Lisp


Fork of the linux-minidisc suite of NetMD tools


Ada bindings for libtls


Bulk-download files from Wikimedia Commons


Assembly definitions for the NEC PC-8201A


URI & MIME Type Parsing and Manupulation

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