Hi! I'm Alex (a.k.a. nytpu), and I do some programming and electronics projects. I love C, POSIX shell, and assembly (retro game consoles only); I dabble in Scheme, Ada, and whatever tickles my fancy at a given point in time.

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Line-based markup language taking inspiration from gemtext and roff


Ada bindings for libtls


URI & MIME Type Parsing and Manupulation


Ada 2012 bindings to the Linenoise line editing library


POSIX getopt(3) for Ada




Project template for using Fennel with the Playdate


personal dotfiles


script to generate a c project template


Mirror of the official gemini.circumlunar.space git repo


Fork of the linux-minidisc suite of NetMD tools


gemlog management utility


Design by Contracts for R7RS Scheme


POSIX getopt(3) for R7RS Scheme


write without concern

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