Hi! I'm Alex (a.k.a. nytpu), and I do some programming and electronics projects. I love Ada and Common Lisp; I dabble in POSIX Shell, C, and whatever tickles my fancy at a given point in time.

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Line-based markup language taking inspiration from gemtext and roff


FastCGI proxy emulating nginx's try_files


Miscellaneous standalone utilities for Common Lisp


Autostereogram Generator


Post a picture of a cheetah every day


Post a picture of a snow leopard every day


Read-it-later service for Gemini


POSIX getopt(3) for Ada


Ada 2012 Bindings to SQLite 3


feed aggregator for gemini supporting many formats and protocols


Advent of Code in Common Lisp


Bulk-download files from Wikimedia Commons




Ada 2012 bindings to the Linenoise line editing library

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