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#dwm - dynamic window manager

dwm is an extremely fast, small, and dynamic window manager for X.



In order to build dwm you need the Xlib header files. Requiered packages for scripts(bgsh & screensh): maim, xorg-xclip, feh.


Edit config.mk to match your local setup (dwm is installed into the /usr/local namespace by default).

Afterwards enter the following command to build and install dwm (if necessary as root):

make clean install

Then you need to download your wallpaper and save it as ~/.wallp.png

#Running dwm

Add the following line to your .xinitrc to start dwm using startx:

exec dwm

In order to connect dwm to a specific display, make sure that the DISPLAY environment variable is set correctly, e.g.:

DISPLAY=foo.bar:1 exec dwm

(This will start dwm on display :1 of the host foo.bar.)

In order to display status info in the bar, you can do something like this in your .xinitrc:

while xsetroot -name "`date` `uptime | sed 's/.*,//'`"
	sleep 1
done &
exec dwm


The configuration of dwm is done by creating a custom config.h and (re)compiling the source code.