added peekName, to peek a shell name
Revert "renamed peekWord to readWord"

This reverts commit 9359ff1c35b94bfe0f7645428f31dc0c9eea7969.

I'm dumb af, it does peek a word
renamed Symbol.Id.D variants to Double variants
added tests for TextBuffer.(atPos|sliceRange)
renamed peekWord to readWord

This name goes with the TextBuffer naming
added readNextToken
document and better support of text ranges
added tokenizer tests to the build test step
added peekWord method for Tokenizer
started adding tokenizing, with a Tokenizer
added basic interactive input.

currently it prints out usage, and gets input from standard in. It's
not all that useful at the moment, but it is one step closer to running
a command.
added basic shell state struct.
added dump method to TextBuffer.
added initEmpty, changed peekChar to use peek.

initEmpty cannot fail. peekChar uses peek interally, as that is just
better design.
added test step
added TextBuffer type
fix gitignore
added more tests
add basic tests
removed reference to file that doesn't exist yet
initial commit