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\cfoot{References availabile upon request}
  GitHub: \href{https://github.com/ntgraff/}{github.com/ntgraff}\\
  Sourcehut: \href{https://git.sr.ht/~ntgg/}{git.sr.ht/$\sim$ntgg}\\

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\textbf{Northeastern University} \hfill September 2018 | Present\\
Khoury College of Computer Sciences\hfill expected April
\textbf{Khoury College of Computer Sciences}\hfill expected April
Candidate for Bachelor of Science in Computer Science\\
GPA: 3.2/4.0

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  \item Attended to customers as a team to ensure a satisfactory experience
  \item Kept the kitchen running smoothly during peak hours
  \item Kept kitchen running smoothly during peak hours

\textbf{Ardmore Computer} \hfill June 2016 | August 2016\\

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Ardmore, PA
  \item Effectively communicated with customers using non-technical language
  \item Analyzed issues brought in by customers to find the correct solution
  \item Taught customers how to effectively use their technology

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\textbf{Esoteric Programming Language Interpreter} \hfill
\textbf{Esoteric Programming Language Interpreter} | 2019 \hfill
Created an interpreter for an esoteric programming language that runs in a
browser. The parsing of the language and VM are written in Zig and compiled to
WebAssembly. The glue code and browser front-end are written in JavaScript and HTML.

\textbf{Court Reservation Website} \hfill
\textbf{Court Reservation Website} | 2019 \hfill
Designed a website that allows for users to reserve courts for future use and
join people planning to use a court. The website back-end was written
in Rust and MySQL, the front-end in HTML and CSS.

\textbf{Paddle Bounce Ultra} \hfill
\textbf{Paddle Bounce Ultra} | 2017 \hfill
Led a team to create a game where the player has to protect themself using a 
Led a team to create a game where the player has to protect themselves using a 
paddle to fend off attacking red balls, while green balls to get more points.
The game is written in Swift, targeting the iPad Mini.