use plug.kak for kak-lsp
updated fish config to be more readable
fixed amend alias
removed template and config-setup.py
updated alacritty config to be not out of date
updated fish config
moved .gitconfig
added aerc configs
update qutebrowser quickmarks
added neovim config
added kak-lsp config
added wofi config
renamed indent_* to indent-*
improved spad

fixed typo in description and made code make more sense
added ccd, jrnl, spad functions

* ccd is create and change directory
* jrnl is a script to edit a journal entry for the current date
* spad is a script to edit a scratch file, with an optional extension
changed comment format to be more readable
add .gitconfig
improve shell formatting in latex-preview
added latex-preview command, disable auto-preview
added spotify module