I haven't used git send-email in a while I guess
remove <Enter> from the end of notifications
back up zig.kak filetype file
added starship prompt config
update init.vim to be more cross platform

I recently started work, and I have to use windows. Neovim kinda works
well on windows, but I still want to have a consistent config. I did
end up removing a lot of plugins, mainly because I really only use
neovim for super simple and fast editing. Kakoune is much nicer to use
in unix-like environments, and on windows stuff like vscode or onivim2
work better for editing in more complex scenarios. The new config is
completely cross platform as far as I can tell, and super minimal. If I
Ever get more time to just play around with configs I may do more, but
I don't know if I'll get the time soon or even care enough about my
neovim config to do it.
auto open PDF's in Zathura
Revert "use posix shell not bash"

This reverts commit 53d766bf936077b02331359a93d47d84c6eef823.
added new bookmarks
comment out old fzf.kak feature setting
moved swaylock information into it's own config
use posix shell not bash
background image, passmenu bind, lock wait up
adedd wallpapers
added imv config
updated qutebrowser config and bookmarks
enable dynamic padding
added wofi passmenu
disable wofi cache and add image and markup
taller, so emoji don't mess everything up
use plug.kak for kak-lsp