0.1.0 10 months ago

Norm MacLennan (38):
      Initial commit
      Start refactoring process
      finish first pass refactor
      add license
      Add README
      simplify example
      Move to relative module to save typing. use pkger to compile in static assets
      Add the ability to host multiple stories
      Update index template
      Move to in-memory game state to url-based state tokens
      handle static file errors
      updated asciinema
      Fun random banners and lots of linting
      further linting
      add nonmegalinting
      fix build-all
      make action links speculative state
      try a slight modification on the banner
      fix up the banner more
      Have speculative states properly use exits
      Comments and junk
      Update comment to appease lll
      Address the rest of the linting
      update api docs
      Remove the last of the pseudoPOSTs
      First pass at conditionals
      Break out GameState to a testable object, simplify description templating, try making a build job
      choose a working image and prereq packages
      fix build
      didn't realize i needed to change directory for every task
      can't install binaries from project directory
      try to set PATH to access go bins
      shell doesn't expand ~ in path seemingly
      README updates for new features
      try switching to protobuf for state tokens
      Add configuration
      Initial story compiler with two examples
      gemifc refactoring and linting