Rewrite bundled stories in simplified .gemif format
Drastically simplify .gemif story format
Have Air restart server when .gemif files change
Variableize Terraform
Update systemd unit file to always restart
Clean up the Terraform a bit
Make protobuf a little happier
Add a few more tests
Update ASCIInema for new version
Updating README to link to artifacts
Add version to stories artifact so sr.ht doesn't get mad
Automate deployment of capsule and infrastructure
Publish sample stories as artifacts for ease of deployment
Pipe app version through to index page
Add emoji favicon
Don't try to run golangci-lint in Docker, since it's not available on the build server
Install missing dependency for linting in build
Make serlialization format an enum for earlier error detection
Add golangci-lint to ci process
Minor refactor to move things out of GameManager and into the components they actually belong