chore: upgrade linters and fix linting issues
Update infrastructure dependencies
build: Install go1.16 directly rather than upgrading
Update golangci-lint
Upgrade build to go1.16
Build for darwin-arm64
Swap pkger out for stdlib embed

Swaps our dependency on pkger for use of the built-in embed
package in go1.16.

Unfortunately, this required moving our static files from the
root of the repo into pkg/gemserver where they're actually used
due to a limitation of the embed package.

It's probably the more correct thing to, anyway. Plus it removes
an external dependency and reduces the size of the gemif binary
by like 1MB.
Remove errant link under project info
Make homepage customizable in config.toml
Update existing stories to new metadata format
Add additional story metadata and intro page
Fix pkger references
Update dependencies
Minor refactor in gemifc
Update README to mention we're go get-able again
Swap binaries to use flags for arg parsing
Update to fully-qualified module path to enable go get-ing
Render index banner properly on clients not using monospace font