setups my system from a debian netinst
now uses oomox-materia-np
glsl linear filter option
intel drivers are from buster now


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This is basically a dotfile repo, a collection of files to set up my usual working enviroment, a collection of scripts that i keep in my ~/bin.

The current setup is based on:

  • shell: fish
  • window manager: openbox
  • bar: tint2
  • system monitor: conky
  • terminal: terminator
  • text editor: micro
  • file manager: thunar
  • browser: firefox

The included theme has been generated with oomox.

The setup scripts are still alpha so DO NOT USE, just pick the confs you like.

Here is an example of the desktop, i mostly use 1px pixelperfect lines, click for fullscreen, illustration by Tsutomu Nihei alt tag

Everything released into public domain.

Big thanks go to crunchbang, from which my own setup spawned as a personal take.