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fixes bug for single cycle waves
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folderkit is an OSC-controlled sampler I use together with Orca.

It features 32 voices polyphony, playback of both samples and single cycle waves, samples random robin, 12 types of filters/FX, microtuning and an IR-based reverb.

Designed to make the most out of the very narrow range of values orca can produce (0 to 35), it compresses many options into few arguments. An esoteric sampler for an esoteric language.

The current version still needs some optimization and cleaning, but it's pretty usable.

#User Guide

For basic usage you don't need to read more than the first three chapters of this guide (four if you want to use wavetables). Read the others later for more advanced stuff.

#Thanks to

  • Hundred Rabbits and cancel for making the ORCA c version.
  • Andre Weissflog for sokol time header lib
  • David Reid for dr_wav
  • Mattias Gustavsson for rnd.h
  • Randy Gaul for cute_files


Nicola Pisanti, MIT License 2020