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A slightly modified version of rivertile layout generator for river

Compared to rivertile, rivercarro add:

  • monocle layout
  • smart gaps
  • "true" inner gaps instead of padding around views

I don't want to add too much complexity, the only thing I intend to add now is smart borders, after that I'll consider rivercarro features complete. If you want a layout generator with more features and configuration, have a look at some others great community contributions like stacktile or kile.


Same requirements as river, use zig 0.8.1, if river and rivertile works on your machine you shouldn't have any problems.

Init submodules:

git submodule update --init

Build, e.g.

zig build --prefix ~/.local

Note that rivercarro use pkgconfig for the river-layout-v3 protocol so if you did not installed river system wide you need to set PKG_CONFIG_PATH in your shell rc.


export PKG_CONFIG_PATH="$HOME/.local/share/pkgconfig"


Works exactly as rivertile, you can just replace rivertile name by rivercarro in your config, and read rivertile(1) man page

e.g. In your river init (usually $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/river/init)

# Mod+H and Mod+L to decrease/increase the main ratio of rivercarro
riverctl map normal $mod H send-layout-cmd rivercarro "main-ratio -0.05"
riverctl map normal $mod L send-layout-cmd rivercarro "main-ratio +0.05"

# Mod+Shift+H and Mod+Shift+L to increment/decrement the main count of rivercarro
riverctl map normal $mod+Shift H send-layout-cmd rivercarro "main-count +1"
riverctl map normal $mod+Shift L send-layout-cmd rivercarro "main-count -1"

# Mod+{Up,Right,Down,Left} to change layout orientation
riverctl map normal $mod Up    send-layout-cmd rivercarro "main-location top"
riverctl map normal $mod Right send-layout-cmd rivercarro "main-location right"
riverctl map normal $mod Down  send-layout-cmd rivercarro "main-location bottom"
riverctl map normal $mod Left  send-layout-cmd rivercarro "main-location left"
# And for monocle
riverctl map normal $mod M     send-layout-cmd rivercarro "main-location monocle"

# Set and exec into the default layout generator, rivercarro.
# River will send the process group of the init executable SIGTERM on exit.
riverctl default-layout rivercarro
exec rivercarro

#Command line options

$ rivercarro -help
Usage: rivercarro [options]

  -h              Print this help message and exit.
  -version        Print the version number and exit.
  -view-padding   Set the padding around views in pixels. (Default 6)
  -outer-padding  Set the padding around the edge of the layout area in
                  pixels. (Default 6)

  The following commands may also be sent to rivercarro at runtime:

  -main-location  Set the initial location of the main area in the
                  layout. (Default left)
  -main-count     Set the initial number of views in the main area of the
                  layout. (Default 1)
  -main-ratio     Set the initial ratio of main area to total layout
                  area. (Default: 0.6)
  -no-smart-gaps  Disable smart gaps


For patches, questions or discussion send a plain text mail to my public inbox ~novakane/public-inbox@lists.sr.ht with project prefix set to rivercarro:

git config sendemail.to "~novakane/public-inbox@lists.sr.ht"
git config format.subjectPrefix "PATCH rivercarro"

See here for some great resource on how to use git send-email if you're not used to it, and my wiki.

Run zig fmt and wrap line at 100 columns unless it helps the readability.

You can also found me on IRC irc.libera.chat as novakane, mostly on #river.


Almost all credits go to Isaac Freund and Leon Henrik Plickat

Thanks to them!


GNU General Public License v3.0