build: Bump to 0.3.0
Update to zig 0.11
662618c7 — Alex Qiu 2 months ago
Fix incorrect main width without smart gaps
build: Bump to 0.3.0-dev
build: Bump to 0.2.1
Fix gaps below the lowest secondary views

While adding views, at some point a bigger gap would be noticable
below the lowest of the secondary views. Which would grow bigger with
each new view.
That should not be the case anymore.

Also a lot of cleanup, that led to this fixed
ci: Add missing package 'hwdata'
build: Bump to 0.3.0-dev
build: Bump to 0.2.0
common: Update flags to latest version
Update to zig 0.10
Protocol: Update to latest version
build: follow semantic versioning for -dev versions

The new version format is 0.2.0-dev.76+d1cf95b which is compliant
to the semantic versioning 2.0.0 spec and sorts better than the
old format.
build: Bump to version 0.1.5-dev
build: bump version to 0.1.4
doc: Improve man page format
doc: Remove rivercarro.1.scd
Add river layout protoco in the repo