build: Bump to 0.6.0-dev
build: Bump version to 0.5.0
build: Update to zig 0.13
build: Bump to version 0.5.0-dev
build: Bump version to 0.4.0
Update to zig 0.12
Add -width-ratio-centered flag

Make the usable width centered when using `-width-ratio`
build: Add -Dpie build option
doc: Update man page and README

Add new per-tag flag to the man page
Update some outdated info in README
fe7b57d0 — Iskren Chernev 3 months ago
Implement per-tag

It is sometimes useful to remember the configuration for every tag,
instead of having a single configuration for all tags. Add a command
line option to pick per-tags, Then keep the available configurations in
a HashMap and pick the right one for user_command and layout.
ci: Use wlroots 0.17.2 for river
79f6625b — Iskren Chernev 4 months ago
Implement main-location-cycle

It is useful to cycle between layout with a single command, without
caring what is the current layout. The command accepts a list of
Locations divided by comma (','). If the current location is not in the
list, the first one is chosen. Otherwise the next in the list (wrapping
around) is taken.
build: Fix errors and update to wlroots 0.17.1
deps: Update to latest zig-wayland
deps: Update url

zig-wayland moved to codeberg
build: Bump to 0.3.0
Update to zig 0.11
662618c7 — Alex Qiu 9 months ago
Fix incorrect main width without smart gaps
build: Bump to 0.3.0-dev
build: Bump to 0.2.1