build: Bump to version 2.0.0-dev
build: Bump to 1.0.1
Fix out of bounds args flags
build: Bump to version 2.0.0-dev
build: bump to version 1.0.0
Prepare for version 1.0.0
deps: Update zig-wayland
doc: Improve man page format
doc: Remove scdoc deps, just install the man page
build: Simplify man page creation
code: Cleanup
backend: Move shm_* function to a struct

Everything changed
render: Improve parseRgba() with bit shiftting
config: Use bufferedReader to reduce read syscalls
Revert wrong files commited in eb5a1e6c4dee

Output.zig and render.zig should not have been commited.

ref: eb5a1e6c4dee (README: Update contributing section, 2022-02-21)
README: Update contributing section
README: Remove agertu-devel mailing list
Update to fcft 3.0
renderer: Refactor

- renderer.zig -> render.zig
- Move back Font struct in render.zig, makes more sense for the new
- Add an Area struct, that is the zone where the rendering happens,
  will be useful to add modules later.
- Add a Text struct to handle all bytes rendering options.