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A CMakeLists.txt
A build.gradle
A cmake/ContainTest.cmake
A cmake/FindIntltool.cmake
A cmake/FindVala.cmake
A cmake/ParseArguments.cmake
A cmake/ValaPrecompile.cmake
A config.h.in
A core/CMakeLists.txt
A core/about.vala
A core/app.vala
A core/browser.vala
A core/clear-private-data.vala
A core/completion.vala
A core/database.vala
A core/download-button.vala
A core/favicon.vala
A core/history.vala
A core/loggable.vala
A core/main.vala
A core/navigationbar.vala
A core/network-check.vala
A core/plugins.vala
A core/preferences.vala
A core/settings.vala
A core/statusbar.vala
A core/suggestion-row.vala
A core/switcher.vala
A core/tab.vala
A core/tally.vala
A core/urlbar.vala
A data/CMakeLists.txt
A data/about.css
A data/bookmarks/Create.sql
A data/error.html
A data/gtk3.css
A data/history/Create.sql
A data/history/Day.sql
A data/history/Update1.sql
A data/logo-shade.svg
A data/main.rc
A data/midori.ico
A data/org.midori_browser.Midori.appdata.xml.in
A data/org.midori_browser.Midori.desktop.in
A data/speed-dial.html
A data/tabby/Create.sql
A data/tabby/Update1.sql
A data/tabby/Update2.sql
A data/web-extension-api.js
A extensions/CMakeLists.txt
A extensions/adblock.plugin.in
A extensions/adblock/extension.vala
A extensions/adblock/filter.vala
A extensions/adblock/keys.vala
A extensions/adblock/options.vala
A extensions/adblock/pattern.vala
A extensions/adblock/settings.vala
A extensions/adblock/subscription.vala
A extensions/adblock/whitelist.vala
A extensions/bookmarks.plugin.in
A extensions/bookmarks.vala
A extensions/colorful-tabs.plugin.in
A extensions/colorful-tabs.vala
A extensions/session.plugin.in
A extensions/session.vala
A extensions/status-clock.plugin.in
A extensions/status-clock.vala
A extensions/statusbar-features.plugin.in
A extensions/statusbar-features.vala
A extensions/web-extensions.plugin.in
A extensions/web-extensions.vala
A gresource.xml
A icons/16x16/apps/org.midori_browser.Midori.png
A icons/22x22/apps/org.midori_browser.Midori.png
A icons/CMakeLists.txt
A icons/index.theme
A icons/scalable/apps/org.midori_browser.Midori.svg
A midori-v9.0/.circleci/config.yml
A midori-v9.0/.gitignore
A po/CMakeLists.txt
A po/POTFILES.skip
A po/af.po
A po/am.po
A po/ar.po
A po/ast.po
A po/az.po
A po/be.po
A po/bg.po
A po/bn.po
A po/bs.po
A po/ca.po
A po/ckb.po
A po/cs.po
A po/cy.po
A po/da.po
A po/de.po
A po/el.po
A po/en_AU.po
A po/en_CA.po
A po/en_GB.po
A po/eo.po
A po/es.po
A po/et.po
A po/eu.po
A po/fa.po
A po/fi.po
A po/fr.po
A po/gd.po
A po/gl.po
A po/he.po
A po/hi.po
A po/hr.po
A po/hu.po
A po/ia.po
A po/id.po
A po/it.po
A po/ja.po
A po/ka.po
A po/kk.po
A po/km.po
A po/ko.po
A po/ku.po
A po/ky.po
A po/lb.po
A po/lt.po
A po/lv.po
A po/midori.pot
A po/ml.po
A po/ms.po
A po/nap.po
A po/nb.po
A po/nl.po
A po/nn.po
A po/no.po
A po/pa.po
A po/pl.po
A po/pt.po
A po/pt_BR.po
A po/ro.po
A po/ru.po
A po/sk.po
A po/sl.po
A po/sq.po
A po/sr.po
A po/sr@latin.po
A po/sv.po
A po/szl.po
A po/ta.po
A po/te.po
A po/th.po
A po/tl.po
A po/tr.po
A po/ug.po
A po/uk.po
A po/ur.po
A po/uz.po
A po/vi.po
A po/zh_CN.po
A po/zh_HK.po
A po/zh_TW.po
A tests/CMakeLists.txt
A tests/database.vala
A tests/desktop.sh
A tests/license.sh
A tests/potfiles.sh
A ui/about.ui
A ui/bookmarks-button.ui
A ui/browser.ui
A ui/clear-private-data.ui
A ui/download-button.ui
A ui/download-row.ui
A ui/menus.ui
A ui/navigationbar.ui
A ui/network-check.ui
A ui/preferences.ui
A ui/shortcuts.ui
A ui/suggestion-row.ui
A ui/tab.ui
A ui/tally.ui
A ui/urlbar.ui
A vapi/config.vapi
A vapi/javascriptcoregtk-4.0.vapi
A vapi/libarchive.vapi
A vapi/webkit2gtk-4.0.vapi
A vapi/webkit2gtk-web-extension-4.0.vapi
A web/CMakeLists.txt
A web/activatable.vala
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