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#Bridging Channels

Three things are required to set up synchronization: Fletcher must be granted permission to use Discord features on both servers, configured to synchronize both servers, and webhooks must be created such that Fletcher can detect the channels. Note that this can be used for unidirectional sync, and both the input and output server could be the same.

#Bridge Configuration

To bridge a channel, send !bridge servername:channelname, in the channels you want bridged to each other.

To demolish a bridge, send !demolish on both sides.

#Three+-way bridges

Bridging more than two channels together is possible. To bridge three channels, creating a median between the three, you can:

#In channel #sync-a
!bridge sync-b
!bridge sync-c
#In channel #sync-b
!bridge sync-a
!bridge sync-c
#In channel #sync-c
!bridge sync-a
!bridge sync-b


Discord-Discord sync requires the Read Messages, Read Message History, and Manage Webhooks permissions on both servers.

For a full discussion of the permissions that Fletcher requires, see Permissions granted via the OAuth screen.

#Fletcher Configuration

In the each server configuration file, set the synchronize preference to on. Fletcher must be reloaded or restarted for these changes to take effect.

Configuration example: this is a fletcherrc configuration entry for a server that has synchronization scanning on.

[Guild 000000000000000001]
synchronize = on

You must also set the botNavel key in the main configuration file. If your Fletcher administrator has not provided you with this key, it is probably ƒ.

Configuration example: this is a fletcherrc configuration entry of setting the botNavel.

botNavel = ƒ

#Channel Configuration

In this configuration, we will refer to #aleph and #beta on server Guild.

In the settings for #aleph, navigate to Webhooks. Create a webhook with the name botNavel (ServerName:TargetChannelName) (i.e. ƒ (Guild:beta)). Repeat this for the corresponding channel for the reverse sync. Reload the server, and test that the sync now works.