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## SSC (`!ssc`)
 Generates a random SSC article if sent without text, or, if sent with keyword(s),searchs SSC for those keywords (case insensitive).

## Weather (`!weather lat,long`)
 Gives you the weather at a location. Set `!preference weather lat,long` to save a location.

## Countdown (`!countdown seconds`)
 Replace `seconds` with a number and Fletcher will count down for you.

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  Setting the `preview-allowed` preference to `False` in the Fletcher interface, either server-wide or for a specific channel, will make links to those messages not be previewed by Fletcher when linked in another server. Note that `preview-allowed` is by default `True`.
You can create exceptions to openchannels by setting `!preference warnlist userid=reason, userid2=reason2` etc, or, to delegate your warnlist to someone else, `!preference
warnlist delegate:userid`. To opt out of warnlists, set `!preference warnlist 0=optout`.
Set `!preference verbose_reminders False` if you don't want the confirmation messsages sent by Fletcher when setting a reminder.