Odoo addons
surveyor: update version
surveyor/site: add department, fix autofill city and department, update i18n
surveyor: update version



You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

#Odoo addons

Odoo is a suite of open source business apps. This project contains addons or modules to customize Odoo.



  1. Download source code

     git clone git@github.com:odoo/odoo.git
     git clone git@git.sr.ht:~nora/odoo-addons
  2. Install dependencies

    Install base-devel package on Arch Linux. Then execute the next command in odoo directory using a virtual environment :

     pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  3. Install database

    Install postgresql package on Arch Linux and create odoo user and database :

     sudo -u postgres createuser --interactive
     sudo -u postgres createdb -O odoo odoo
  4. Run Odoo

     odoo-bin --addons-path="../odoo-addons,addons" -d odoo -u surveyor --dev xml

    Login with admin/admin on http://localhost:8069/ and activate developer mode in settings.


  1. update version in module's __manifest__.py
  2. git shortlog <old_tag_name>..HEAD
  3. git tag -a <tag_name>
  4. fill release notes with version, upgrade notes, changes
  5. git push --tags or git push --follow-tags
  6. tar -cvz surveyor > surveyor-<tag_name>.tar.gz
  7. upload the archive on the "refs" page of the repository
  8. hut git artifact upload surveyor-<tag_name>.tar.gz --rev <tag_name>