Wayland clipboard utility
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


wayclip is a pair of command-line utilities: waycopy and waypaste, which allow access to the Wayland clipboard. Specifically, wayclip is a wlr-data-control protocol client.

wayclip distinguishes itself from other Wayland clipboard utilities in the following ways:

  • small - the whole codebase is less than 300 lines! (excluding whitespace)
  • Unixy - all it does is copy and paste; other functions are for other programs
  • no dynamic memory allocation


To copy data, just pipe it into waycopy, and optionally specify a seat and mimetype:

$ echo "howdy" | waycopy -s seat0 -t text/plain

(note that waycopy will fork into the background)

To paste, optionally specify a seat and desired mimetype:

$ waypaste -s seat0 -t text/plain