• like C, Shell, Common Lisp
  • program for fun
  • work in industrial automation (which involves programming)


unofficial tinycc mirror


A PID library that uses the relay method to tune itself.


Trying out lisp for control engineering.


the standard unix password manager


Conway's Game of Life in the terminal


c4 - C in four functions


encode and decode telephone keypad


fork of tup without lua


cli utility that outputs the time in seconds until next cron job


plan9's libthread from plan9port


A simple C compiler/assembler/linker derived from Fabrice Bellard's tinycc and QEMU's tiny code generator (TCG)


fork of https://github.com/matrix-org/purple-matrix/ patched to use llhttp instead of http_parser. Very untested, but seems to work.


fork of simple audio daemon https://git.2f30.org/sad/log.html


fork of https://core.suckless.org/sbase/


simple dhcp client https://git.2f30.org/sdhcp/