Solutions to the puzzles in the game EXAPUNKS
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#EXAPUNKS Solutions

These are my solutions to the assembly language puzzles in EXAPUNKS. While some I came up by myself, others I referenced existing solutions when I got stuck.

They definitely aren't the most optimized, but I'm proud I got them to work at all.


#Main Campaign

  1. Trash World News: Tutorial 1
  2. Trash World News: Tutorial 2
  3. Trash World News: Tutorial 3
  4. Trash World News: Tutorial 4
  5. Euclid's Pizza: Order System
  6. Mitsuzen HDI-10: Left Arm
  7. Last Stop Snaxnet: Factory 11
  8. Zebros Copies: Point-of-Sale System
  9. SFCTA Highway Sign #4902: Remote Access Interface
  10. Unknown Network 1: Unknown Context
  11. UC Berkeley: EECS Department
  12. Workhouse: Work Management System
  13. Equity First Bank: San Francisco
  14. Mitsuzen HDI-10: Heart
  15. Trash World News: Unknown Context
  16. KGOG-TV: Programming Hub
  17. TEC Redshift™: Development Kit
  18. Redshift Homebrew: Unknown Context
  19. Digital Library Project: Patron Access System
  20. TEC EXA-Blaster™ Modem: Radio Stations
  21. Emerson's Guide: Streetsmarts GIS Database
  22. Valhalla: =plastered
  23. Mitsuzen HDI-10: Left Hand
  24. Sawayama WonderDisc: Drive Controller
  25. Alliance Power And Light: Streetsmarts GIS Database
  26. Deadlock's Domain: Deadlock
  27. Xtreme League Baseball: Player Database
  28. King's Ransom Online: US West Realm
  29. KGOG-TV: Satellite Uplink
  30. Equity First Bank: San Francisco - ATMs Offline
  31. The Wormhole: x10x10x
  32. TEC EXA-Blaster™ Modem: Dataphone Network
  33. Last Stop Snaxnet: Warehouse 27
  34. Mitsuzen HDI-10: Visual Cortex
  35. Holman Dynamics: Sales System
  36. Aberdeen: selenium_wolf
  37. U.S. Government: FEMA Genetic Database
  38. Unknown Network 2: Unknown Context
  39. TEC EXA-Blaster™ Modem: Pager Network
  40. Mitsuzen HDI-10: Cerebral Cortex

#Bonus Campaign

  1. BloodLust Online: US East Realm
  2. Motor Vehicle Administration: Scheduling System
  3. Cybermyth Studios: Accounting System
  4. U.S. Department of Defense: USAF Secure Facility
  5. NETronics NET40 Modem: The Wardialer
  6. Española Valley High School: School Management System
  7. Mitsuzen D300-M: Personal Storage Array
  8. CrystalAir International: Ticketing System