Adapting org-ctags so that we can use Org's radio targets across files
feat: org-etags-files-and-directories
fix(update-radio-target-regexp): wrongly set tags-file-name
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This is a tiny library that refurbishes the built-in org-ctags library for Emacs 29 so that it can use the etags program that comes compiled with Emacs. This library also adds a command that lets us use Org's radio targets (<<<Radio Target>>> syntax) across files, where radio targets only work within a single Org buffer.

The original org-ctags uses the ctags program from Exuberant Ctags (e-ctags). It is a different program from ctags (the same name) and etags that are included in Emacs.

A new library called Universal Ctags (u-ctags) has succeeded the work for e-ctags and has been actively developed and maintained as of February 2024. I have successfully tested ctags from u-tags with org-ctags with a set of patches such as 981402a9 that is included in upcoming Org release of 9.7 (I believe it will be part of Emacs 30). I could not compile ctags from e-ctags.

u-ctags and e-ctags are fine programs -- I managed to get the former to work. Nevertheless, I have a Windows machine, and while u-ctags can be easily installed via winget and other means, I find it useful if I can use the etags program that comes already compiled with Emacs -- no additional installation required for it. Well, you'd still need to set the environmental variable for PATH to the executable on Windows; see "Configuration" below.

Org-etags is part of my tiny-emacs-packages project.


For Windows, you need to add to PATH to the bin folder within the Emacs folder. For example, in my installation, I have added the following C:\Program Files\Emacs\emacs-29.2\bin.