crossword puzzle solver with a terminal interface
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


A simple client for viewing and solving crossword puzzles from the terminal.


Most publishers of crossword puzzles provide beautiful and reasonably well-designed web interfaces to their puzzles. Unfortunately, these interfaces all differ slightly in their behavior and defaults, and some have minor-but-annoying bugs in Firefox. Plus, not one of them appears to have had the brilliant idea of adding vi-style keybindings to their interface. Faced with the choice of being slightly annoyed at other peoples' software which is, by all reasonable metrics, pretty good on whole, and writing something from scratch myself, I have opted to go for the latter, under the theory that at least I know whose inbox to send angry emails to when things don't work exactly right.


  • vi-like keybindings (configurable via editing the source code)
  • pretty colors (where supported; configurable via editing the source code)
  • undo + redo
  • no timer