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42 C: printf

A simple printf clone written in Norm-compliant C.

:warning: Please don't actually use this in production


To build our project, make sure to recursively clone the submodules by passing --recurse. Other than that, simple run make in the project's root. This will make the libftprintf.a library file.


This printf writes through a writer struct in order to allow for creation of modular printf derivatives. This allows us to write not only to the output, but also to: files, strings, sockets, mail pidgeons, etc! A writer looks like this:

struct {
    / How many bytes we wrote
    |                      / A reference to the state pointer
    |                      |                   / The string  / The string length
    v                      v                   v             v
  ssize_t  (*write)(struct s_writer *self, char *str, size_t length);

  // Internal state to be passed to the write call.
  void  *state;



// Writes to standard output (is call to fprintf)
int ft_printf(char *fmt, ...);

// Writes to a file descriptor.
int ft_dprintf(int fd, char *fmt, ...);


// Writes to a *new* string see example 1.
int ft_asprintf(char **dest, char *fmt, ...);

// Writes to a string (does not check size, dangerous!)
int ft_sprintf(char *dest, char *fmt, ...);

// Writes to a string, taking a limit.
int ft_snprintf(char *dest, size_t len, char *fmt, ...);


#Example 1.

char *str;

str = NULL;
ft_aprintf(&str, "Hello, %s", "world!");
// `str' will now have `Hello, world!'


#Testing framework

Our printf uses criterion for tests. All of our tests are ran on the snprintf writer and the asprintf writer only. As well as some internal tests.

#Running them

To run the tests, go into test/, and run the following command: make test. This will run the tests.


Snippet to print the current output string when in lldb and you are in a ft_asprintf formatter:

p *((struct s_writer_alloc_state *)((t_writer *)writer)->state)->str_ptr