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add grocy settings
3 files changed, 183 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

M defaults/main.yml
M tasks/main.yml
A templates/config.php
M defaults/main.yml => defaults/main.yml +13 -0
@@ 19,11 19,24 @@ grocy_apache_vhost: |
grocy_app_path: /var/www/grocy
grocy_domain: grocy.example.net
  stock: true
  shoppinglist: true
  recipes: true
  chores: true
  tasks: true
  batteries: true
  equipment: true
  calendar: true
  - 'apache2'
  - 'php'
  - 'php-gd'
  - 'php-sqlite3'
  - 'unzip'
  lang: 'en'
  currency: 'USD'
grocy_trusted_proxies: []
grocy_url: 'https://releases.grocy.info/v?{{ grocy_version }}'
grocy_version: '2.7.1'

M tasks/main.yml => tasks/main.yml +7 -0
@@ 53,6 53,13 @@
    recurse: true
    state: 'directory'

- name: 'configure settings'
    src: 'config.php'
    dest: '{{ grocy_app_path }}/data/config.php'
    owner: 'www-data'
    group: 'www-data'


- name: 'remove default vhost'

A templates/config.php => templates/config.php +163 -0
@@ 0,0 1,163 @@

# Settings can also be overwritten in two ways
# First priority
# A .txt file with the same name as the setting in /data/settingoverrides
# the content of the file is used as the setting value
# Second priority
# An environment variable with the same name as the setting and prefix "GROCY_"
# so for example "GROCY_BASE_URL"
# Third priority
# The settings defined here below

# Either "production", "dev", "demo" or "prerelease"
# When not "production", authentication will be disabled and
# demo data will be populated during database migrations
Setting('MODE', 'production');

# Either "en" or "de" or the directory name of
# one of the other available localization folders in the "/localization" directory
Setting('CULTURE', '{{ grocy_settings.lang }}');

# This is used to define the first day of a week for calendar views in the frontend,
# leave empty to use the locale default
# Needs to be a number where Sunday = 0, Monday = 1 and so forth

# If calendars should show week numbers

# To keep it simple: grocy does not handle any currency conversions,
# this here is used to format all money values,
# so doesn't really matter, but should be the
# ISO 4217 code of the currency ("USD", "EUR", "GBP", etc.)
Setting('CURRENCY', '{{ grocy_settings.currency }}');

# When running grocy in a subdirectory, this should be set to the relative path, otherwise empty
# Example:
#  Webserver root directory = /var/www
#  grocy directory = /var/www/grocy
#  => BASE_PATH = /grocy
Setting('BASE_PATH', '');

# The base url of your installation,
# should be just "/" when running directly under the root of a (sub)domain
# or for example "https://example.com/grocy" when using a subdirectory
Setting('BASE_URL', '/');

# The plugin to use for external barcode lookups,
# must be the filename without .php extension and must be located in /data/plugins,
# see /data/plugins/DemoBarcodeLookupPlugin.php for an example implementation
Setting('STOCK_BARCODE_LOOKUP_PLUGIN', 'DemoBarcodeLookupPlugin');

# If, however, your webserver does not support URL rewriting, set this to true
Setting('DISABLE_URL_REWRITING', false);

# Specify an custom homepage if desired - by default the homepage will be set to the stock overview,
# this needs to be one of the following values:
# stock, shoppinglist, recipes, chores, tasks, batteries, equipment, calendar, mealplan
Setting('ENTRY_PAGE', 'stock');

# Set this to true if you want to disable authentication / the login screen,
# places where user context is needed will then use the default (first existing) user
Setting('DISABLE_AUTH', false);

# Set this to true if you want to disable the ability to scan a barcode via the device camera (Browser API)

# Set this if you want to have a different start day for the weekly meal plan view,
# leave empty to use CALENDAR_FIRST_DAY_OF_WEEK (see above)
# Needs to be a number where Sunday = 0, Monday = 1 and so forth

# Default user settings
# These settings can be changed per user, here the defaults
# are defined which are used when the user has not changed the setting so far

# Night mode related
DefaultUserSetting('night_mode_enabled', false); // If night mode is enabled always
DefaultUserSetting('auto_night_mode_enabled', true); // If night mode is enabled automatically when inside a given time range (see the two settings below)
DefaultUserSetting('auto_night_mode_time_range_from', "20:00"); // Format HH:mm
DefaultUserSetting('auto_night_mode_time_range_to', "07:00"); // Format HH:mm
DefaultUserSetting('auto_night_mode_time_range_goes_over_midnight', true); // If the time range above goes over midnight
DefaultUserSetting('currently_inside_night_mode_range', false); // If we're currently inside of night mode time range (this is not user configurable, but stored as a user setting because it's evaluated client side to be able to use the client time instead of the maybe different server time)

# Keep screen on settings
DefaultUserSetting('keep_screen_on', false); // Keep the screen always on
DefaultUserSetting('keep_screen_on_when_fullscreen_card', false); // Keep the screen on when a "fullscreen-card" is displayed

# Stock settings
DefaultUserSetting('product_presets_location_id', -1); // Default location id for new products (-1 means no location is preset)
DefaultUserSetting('product_presets_product_group_id', -1); // Default product group id for new products (-1 means no product group is preset)
DefaultUserSetting('product_presets_qu_id', -1); // Default quantity unit id for new products (-1 means no quantity unit is preset)
DefaultUserSetting('stock_expring_soon_days', 5);
DefaultUserSetting('stock_default_purchase_amount', 0);
DefaultUserSetting('stock_default_consume_amount', 1);
DefaultUserSetting('scan_mode_consume_enabled', false);
DefaultUserSetting('scan_mode_purchase_enabled', false);
DefaultUserSetting('show_icon_on_stock_overview_page_when_product_is_on_shopping_list', true);

# Shopping list settings
DefaultUserSetting('shopping_list_to_stock_workflow_auto_submit_when_prefilled', false); // Automatically do the booking using the last price and the amount of the shopping list item, if the product has "Default best before days" set
DefaultUserSetting('shopping_list_show_calendar', false);
DefaultUserSetting('shopping_list_disable_auto_compact_view_on_mobile', false);

# Recipe settings
DefaultUserSetting('recipe_ingredients_group_by_product_group', false); // Group recipe ingredients by their product group

# Chores settings
DefaultUserSetting('chores_due_soon_days', 5);

# Batteries settings
DefaultUserSetting('batteries_due_soon_days', 5);

# Tasks settings
DefaultUserSetting('tasks_due_soon_days', 5);

# If the page should be automatically reloaded when there was
# an external change
DefaultUserSetting('auto_reload_on_db_change', true);

# Show a clock in the header next to the logo or not
DefaultUserSetting('show_clock_in_header', false);

# Component configuration
DefaultUserSetting('quagga2_numofworkers', 4);

# Feature flags
# grocy was initially about "stock management for your household", many other things
# came and still come by, because they are useful - here you can disable the parts
# which you don't need to have a less cluttered UI
# (set the setting to "false" to disable the corresponding part, which should be self explanatory)
Setting('FEATURE_FLAG_STOCK', {{ grocy_features.stock }});
Setting('FEATURE_FLAG_SHOPPINGLIST', {{ grocy_features.shoppinglist }});
Setting('FEATURE_FLAG_RECIPES', {{ grocy_features.recipes }});
Setting('FEATURE_FLAG_CHORES', {{ grocy_features.chores }});
Setting('FEATURE_FLAG_TASKS', {{ grocy_features.tasks }});
Setting('FEATURE_FLAG_BATTERIES', {{ grocy_features.batteries }});
Setting('FEATURE_FLAG_EQUIPMENT', {{ grocy_features.equipment }});
Setting('FEATURE_FLAG_CALENDAR', {{ grocy_features.calendar }});

# Sub feature flags
Setting('FEATURE_FLAG_STOCK_BEST_BEFORE_DATE_FIELD_NUMBER_PAD', true); // Activate the number pad in best-before-date fields on (supported) mobile browsers

# Feature settings
Setting('FEATURE_SETTING_STOCK_COUNT_OPENED_PRODUCTS_AGAINST_MINIMUM_STOCK_AMOUNT', true); // When set to false, opened products will not be considered for minimum stock amounts
Setting('FEATURE_FLAG_AUTO_TORCH_ON_WITH_CAMERA', true); // Enables the torch automaticaly in every camera barcode scanner.