Fix missing newline in ql, qla output

Need to use SplitAfter, not Split, to retain the newlines.
Add ql, qla format options

These can be used to produce multiple lines of strings that are
concatenated together.
bb2ccd5a — Noel Cower 4 years ago v0.1.0
Add go.mod
b4c14eaf — Noel Cower 4 years ago
Add chomp (-c) flag to trim stdin newline

Add a new CLI flag, -c, to chomp the trailing newline following most
stdin input.
ac76ce60 — Noel Cower 4 years ago
Clean up usage text and package doc

Package doc now points to usage text as source of information, rather
than being a weird godoc.org version of this thing's readme.
31bfe002 — Noel Cower 5 years ago
Add JSON quote case

Slightly useful for generating data inside quoted strings. Kind of

Change-Id: I053cc41c7251d8d61de1dc70ae10ce5899742e39
d6782b08 — Noel Cower 5 years ago
Add newline at end of output for TTYs

This only happens if the output is a TTY and the separator is already
a newline, otherwise no newline.

Change-Id: Ifc45a75c84d40ad22f1e8d4ebdc055580194d530
0360e841 — Noel Cower 5 years ago
Add special case escape for '\0' for NUL separator

This isn't part of Go's escape codes, but it's useful as a shortcut.

Change-Id: I47b80f82b89b977552c8537725225c987cf134e7
60b5ed6f — Noel Cower 5 years ago
Reorder cases so that the default on CLI is first

Also moves 0ba up so it doesn't need to loop twice to hit the "b" case.

Change-Id: Ideaece4d6e2ee970e94b6694f9a119feed6fa1c2
b8779319 — Noel Cower 5 years ago
Allow passing arguments instead of reading stdin

This also adds a separator argument because otherwise it's not clear
what separates the output strings.

Change-Id: I9c3955c4609c36cc130df91aadeef2c5438a8d59
ac3f5682 — Noel Cower 5 years ago
Add usage text for CLI

Just because it's kind of nice to have.

Change-Id: If121e4108f6144f0647073fdfc08f97fdbf802a3
67616c51 — Noel Cower 7 years ago
Initial commit