Update README addresses

Update README addresses to point to the current sr.ht home for go-fex,
including the public inbox email address for sending patches to.
Fix N:M usage in docs

Consistency's nice.
e053c8a1 — Noel Cower 3 years ago
Add a reverse flag for {<...} selectors

This allows you to select a range of fields and reverse them without
necessarily knowing how many fields are in the range.

Also updates paths in the Makefile.
f4c98d9e — Noel Cower 3 years ago
Add escapes for separators

This allows you to pass, for example, tabs or NULs as field separators
(these are usually cases where you aren't extracting from mulitple
lines). There are a handful of escapes, but it's basically just the
C ones, but with NUL as \z instead of \0 (to avoid adding an exception
to parsing integers).
535268de — Noel Cower 3 years ago
Update test path for Travis
70100cb9 — Noel Cower 3 years ago
Add gofuzz.go

This only fuzzes the extractor compile routine right now.
c4e5f722 — Noel Cower 3 years ago
Move fex logic into internal/fex package

Need to do this to make go-fuzz work (can't fuzz main).
3d6c9a49 — Noel Cower 3 years ago
Add project site to manpage

Also removes links from awk and cut, since these don't link correctly
e2f03e40 — Noel Cower 3 years ago
Add license header to fex_test.go
293240be — Noel Cower 3 years ago
Fix help test, add version test

Help test had an obsolete check for the '-help' flag (no longer

Also adds a check that the '-v' flag writes what you'd expect (the
version string).
0a6e1baf — Noel Cower 3 years ago
Make author heading in manpage plural
2f3cf495 — Noel Cower 3 years ago
Initial commit