Miscellaneous dotfiles
zsh: Disable OMZ updates, use 'load'
Add utils section, update `git s`, adjust INSTALL
Add Brewfile for macOS package use


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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


To install these using the Makefile, use bmake.

The following targets are available:

  • help

    Print targets that can be installed (default).

  • all

    Install all targets for the running platform.

  • facts

    Print computed variables for the Makefile.

  • init

    Initialize the repository, including submodules.

  • submodules

    Initialize submodules.

  • install-brew

    Install packages named by the brew/Brewfile. Only availabe on Darwin.

  • install-dunst

    Install dunst config.

  • install-git

    Install Git config (really, really specific to me) and git- scripts.

  • install-herbstluftwm

    Install herbstluftwm configuration and scripts. This includes polybar and other bits and pieces.

  • install-pact

    Install Jamey Sharp's pact tool. Requires submodules to be initialized.

  • install-tmux

    Install tmux config files (Darwin/Linux).

  • install-utils

    Install utility scripts.

  • install-vim

    Vim config files. Requires submodules to be initialized.

  • install-zsh

    Z shell configuration and scripts. Requires submodules to be initialized.


Submodules are currently managed by git-subtrac. This is for ease of cloning the repository without worrying about an upstream repository being moved or destroyed. It adds an extra step to repository setup (you need to init submodules), but since it's my personal dotfiles, this isn't really a concern for me.


Only files authored by me are licensed under GPL 2.0. Subtrees under, for example, vim/pack, are licensed on their own (although all should be compatible with the GPL 2.0) provided in-repository as subtrees for ease of reproduction and installation. Submodules are the same and are licensed by their authors where provided, but are kept as submodules because they may not always contain a license.