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Go Reference

go get go.spiff.io/clog

clog is a simple package for attaching a Zap logger to a context, along with functions for logging from the context-attached logger or associating new fields to the logger.

Generally speaking this is a bad use of the context package, but utility won out over passing both a context and a logger around all the time. In particular, this is useful for passing a request-scoped logger through different http.Handler implementations that otherwise do not support Zap.

This is a fork of https://github.com/Kochava/clog.


A few examples of basic usage follow.

#Attach a logger to a context

// var l *zap.Logger

// Attach the logger, l, to a context:
ctx := clog.WithLogger(context.Background(), l)

// Attach fields to the logger:
ctx = clog.With(ctx, zap.Int("field", 1234))

// Log at info level:
clog.Info(ctx, "Log message")


clog is made available under the ISC license. A copy of it can be found in the repository in the COPYING file.