Software engineer / SRE. Holder of excessive throw-away repositories and projects. He / they.


An implementation of fex in Go


Tool to query any RDBMS with JSON output


Miscellaneous dotfiles


An HTTP server to fetch data from a database, transform it via jq, and serve it over an API.


env(1), but with sops-encrypted files


Advent of Code 2021 code, primarily in Rust.


A very simple fileserver


Modify URLs from the command line


Hardwood port to Chicken Scheme 5


Chicken Scheme bindings for libsodium's pwhash API


Chicken Scheme implementation of KSUIDs


Contextual logger


A primitive INI parser for Go. Does not attempt to handle unmarshaling of data or anything special.


Advent of Code 2020, implemented in Zig 0.7.x.


Remap signals and forward them to child processes

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