ci: :green_heart: fix publish build
docs: :memo: update readme
build: :package: add types
Change package type to module

- :warning: **breaking change**: main file is an ES module now and module file is remove.
  - Use a build system or a script type=module
chore: :fire: remove unnecessary module file

BREAKING CHANGES : dist/module.js is removed, use dist/main.js instead
build: :green_heart: update npm auth
test: :white_check_mark: add test for new selectOptionSilently
feat: :sparkles: add selectOptionSilently
refactor: :label: update types
chore: :package: update main dist
build: :construction_worker: build main as ES module
fix: fix button can't have a div child
fix: fix duplicated id
feat: allow custom search with async handling
chore: update dist