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doc: Installing requirements

Before starting our project, we must install Elixir and Erlang.
Elixir is a language build on the EVM, Erlang Virtual Machine and its versions are linked to Erlang OTP versions so we must install both with matching versions.

To do so, we'll use asdf, a version manager like NVM which work with multiple programming languages including Elixir and Erlang.

brew install asdf

Then, follow on screen instructions required to add to ~/.zshrc

We can now use asdf to install plugins for our languages :
asdf plugin add erlang
asdf plugin add elixir

These are responsibles to fetch the versions you want.
To install a version, you simply do :
asdf install erlang latest

This will tell you the installed version including the OTP version (currently 25).

With the following command, you can see the available versions for elixir
asdf list all elixir

Choose one with the right OTP version and install it
asdf install elixir 1.13.4-otp-25

The last missing part is a database. Elixir uses postgresql by default.

brew install postgresql
brew services start postgresql
createuser -S postgres

Now, we can start our project !
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