Give it some a URI and it will open it how you want
Minor man page changes
Handle http errors on HEAD in get_mime_type
Add comment about the url replacement bug



You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


Give it an url and it will open it how you want.

Browers are anoying so when I can, I open links with dedicated programs. I started out using url_hanlder.sh (from some package I can't find anymore sorry to you original author), but I didn't quite like how it worked, so I rewrote it, and the last version of that monstruous bash script looks like this

A 200 line bash script isn't that bad, but it is really not the ideal medium to handle something as complexe as URIs. I say URI, because this has evolved into a sort of replacement of xdg-open, by being also able to open paths to local resources but different 🙃. (A bit like plumber, but reallynot to the same extent)

Upstream is https://sr.ht/~nicolai_dagestad/url_handler/ in case this is uploaded somwhere else.



That should be all you need.

The man pages are compiled with scdoc. It might even be in your repos ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. With scodcs installed a simple make doc will get you groff man pages, but if you just want to read them, the scdoc format is more or less markdown so it's quit easy to read 👍.


If you are using arch or an arch derivative there is a PKGBUILD file in the contrib folder, at some point I might put it up on the aur. For other distros you're on your own. (until somebody find this interesting enough to package it for you)

If there is no installation mehtod for you just put the executable in your path and add a config file in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/url_handler on your machine. (XDG_CONFIG_HOME will most likely be ~/.config if you haven't done anything funny to you system, but if you had, you would probably know about the xdg base directory spec :p)


Patches are welcome, the mailing list is at ~nicolai_dagestad/url_handler@lists.sr.ht. The project page is https://sr.ht/~nicolai_dagestad/url_handler/