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A Rust-based signal app with a QML/Kirigami frontend. Uses presage as a backend. Better name pending. Many features also still pending. This is definitely a beta version, but I'd love feedback/feature requests. Please send any feedback to nicohman@nicohman.com.

#Features Done

  • Message sending
  • Message receiving
  • Reactions receiving
  • Registering/linking
  • Basic notifications
  • Contact editing/adding
  • Direct chat creation

#Features TODO

  • Encrypted local storage
  • Reaction sending
  • Group editing/creation
  • Avatars
  • And much more



  • To build on a manjaro arm installation, I needed:
    • base-devel
    • qt5-webengine
    • kirigami2

Plus obviously rustup to install nightly rust.


cargo build --release should do it if you havbe all the necessary dependencies. It will take forever to build from scratch, however, especially with --release. However, it will be very slow without it. You do need to use nightly rust to compile.