Beginnings of using presage as backend
1e1259e9 — nicohman 5 months ago
Add EditGroup
323c129f — nicohman 5 months ago qt
Re-add editcontact, and fix createchat lag
65a31f5a — nicohman 5 months ago
More Krigami conversion and image overlay
21d519db — nicohman 5 months ago
Save to try kirigami
Name resolution work
Remove SCLIBackend and add proxy to SCLISession
Add avatar editing
Finish CreateChat, add links
Start on CreateChat
Add theme support and general improvements
Add sending group messages
Add deleting messages
Switch to QML
c037da6b — nicohman 8 months ago
Start of qt GUI
c837f62d — nicohman 8 months ago
Add backend selection
09ca26e7 — nicohman 8 months ago
Use sled to store scli data
58466229 — nicohman 8 months ago
Support basic images with scli
c9f649c2 — nicohman 8 months ago
Use Dbus for scli
1c0a90d2 — nicohman 8 months ago
Add start of SCLI support