ref: 5084c926fb753fdc6dda5f3cc2c8af2df5f1190b signal-rs/qml/messages/ChatHistory.qml -rw-r--r-- 3.5 KiB
5084c926 — nicohman 5 months ago
Make SignalUI a singleton and add application icon
9efdf4d8 — nicohman 5 months ago
Fix contact bug and live-update chats in the UI when contacts are updated
f0e05ca9 — nicohman 5 months ago
Reorganize QML
1e1259e9 — nicohman 6 months ago
Add EditGroup
323c129f — nicohman 6 months ago qt
Re-add editcontact, and fix createchat lag
65a31f5a — nicohman 6 months ago
More Krigami conversion and image overlay
21d519db — nicohman 6 months ago
Save to try kirigami
Add theme support and general improvements
Add sending group messages
Add deleting messages
Switch to QML