The library for the raven theme manager
Increment version number
Move ThemeStore writing and loading logic into methods
Add log crate logging



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This is the crate for the library portion of raven, a CLI theme manager for linux. You can get it on crates.io.


  • You can find the documentation here, and more specific documentation about raven's general workings on this wiki, including a list of of available options and

  • Of course, raven itself offers good examples of usage for pretty much all ravenlib features.

#Contributing and Issues

I'm very happy to take pull requests and bug reports, but I'm migrating to sr.ht, and I would prefer it if you would put issues into the todo.sr.ht tracker and send patches/pull requests to the mailing list for raven and ravenlib. There's a guide for submitting patches here. Issues and pull requests will still remain open, but sr.ht is preferred.