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## Configuration

A main config file is placed in ~/.config/raven/config.json, which has the following options:

polybar: Array of strings, which decideds what bars are run with polybar. The size of the array should be the same as your monitor number
monitors : The number of monitors currently in use
menu_command: A command that, when raven menu is run, will be piped a list of theme names through STDIN and expects a theme name from STDOUT
last: The last theme raven loaded
editing: The theme you are currently editing
host: The URL of the ravenserver host to use. By default, [https://demenses.net](https://demenses.net)

To configure a theme, start off by creating it with `raven new [theme]`. You'll automatically start editing that theme. Run `raven add [option] [file]` to add a specific option. This will copy the indicated file to raven's registry, and run/reload/copy it when the edited theme is loaded or refreshed. Run `raven rm [option]` to remove an option from a theme. Available options are:

+ poly (Polybar)
+ i3 [base_i3] (i3 config)
+ xres (Xresources)
+ xres_m ( Xresources, to be merged)
+ pywal (an image file that will be used as the pywal base)
+ wall (Feh wallpaper)
+ ncmpcpp (ncmpcpp config file)
+ termite (Termite config)
+ script (An arbitrary executable file that will be run when this theme is loaded)
+ bspwm [base_bspwm] (bspwm config)
+ rofi (A rofi theme that will be copied to ~/.config/rofi/theme.rasi)
+ ranger (rc.conf)
+ lemonbar (A shell script that should spawn your lemonbar)
+ openbox [base_rc.xml] (rc.xml)
+ dunst [base_dunst] (dunstrc)
+ [st_tmtheme](#sublime-text-3)
+ [st_scs](#sublime-text-3)
+ [st_subltheme](#sublime-text-3)
+ vscode (Plain text containing the name of an already installed VSCode theme.)

base_ files allow splitting the config from the cosmetics on the options with [base_]
For example if you place an i3 config named base\_i3 in ~/.config/raven, the contents of i3 for a theme will be appended to it instead of being run on their own. This allows you to have a central config for keyboard shortcuts, and have cosmetics only be stored in the theme.

The lemonbar option should be a shell script that runs lemonbar(s). They will automatically be killed just like polybars when the theme is changed or reloaded.

### Polybar bar names

As many polybars as you have monitors will be started. The names of the bars themselves should be configured in `config.json`. The default is ["main", "other"]. If you're sharing your themes with others, it is recommended that you leave the polybar monitor name blank, so that it automatically adapts to other monitor names.

### Cycle themes

With the cycle command you can control a daemon that will automatically cycle through all of your configured themes. You need to edit `~/.config/raven/time` and place the number of seconds there should be between each cycle into that file in order to use it.

### Sublime Text 3

Plain text containing `sublt/<filename>.<extension>` (which you must create on your theme folder) or the name of an already installed theme (e.g `DA.sublime-theme`)

Extensions: st_tmtheme (`.tmTheme`), st_scs (`.sublime-color-scheme`) and st_subltheme (`.sublime-theme`)
The section on configuring raven has been moved to the [wiki](https://man.sr.ht/~nicohman/raven). Go check it to learn how to configure raven!