A Rust library for making calls to the GOG web API
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#gog-rs builds.sr.ht status

gog-rs is a rust library for talking to GOG's unofficial REST API. Many thanks to Yepoleb for the hard work documenting how GOG's API works. This library is written mostly to support wyvern, but if you want any other endpoints/methods to be implemented, let me know and I'll be happy to add them! This is a mirror for the sr.ht repository

#Getting started


// Gets a list of the ids of all games the user owns
let token = gog::token::Token::from_login_code(/*This code is from the GOG OAuth login page*/).unwrap();
let gog = gog::Gog::new(token);
println!("{:?}", gog.get_games().unwrap())
// [6, 1146738698, 1207658679, 1207658691, 1207658695...]